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A very warm welcome to our Blog / News section.
This is where we will be posting general news and events that are happening around our holiday let 27 Garenin. Places to go, things to see and perhaps the occasional general gossip:) Drop us a line if you think there is anything we might wish to add.

If you are staying at 27 Garenin or just visiting our wonderful Isle of Lewis, we hope have a lovely stay.

Maintenance and renovating week


By this stage in the season there are always issues to resolve and renovations required at the house. This year I discovered my  very new washing machine had broken down as people have been washing single items and putting stress on the motor. So brand new machine being installed today and let's hope it lasts.

This spurred me on to look around the property and make a few changes. I bought new lamps and a new carpet for the living room. I also dismantled the bookcase and I should have taken photographs of me struggling to remove the old bookcase and put in a smaller one. I also sorted all the books and have another smaller bookcase in a bedroom. There is still lots of reading material but I also took 100 books to the charity shop. Sometimes when you rent a house a fresh eye is required to keep things interesting and relevant.

I also do like to listen and act on visitors comments and there have been a few about the bathroom recently - mainly because there had been a leak from the bath to one of the bedrooms. Two plumbers and a few discussions later I realised there is a fault in the plumbing. Rather than patching it up we are moving plans ahead a year and intend having a completely new modernised bathroom. Plans are ready to be approved so all very exciting. I often wonder what my family would make of this renovated house but for me its been an interesting project and great to see it still going strong. I should have photo record of all these changes but am usually too busy to take photographs.

The summer is stilll with us and I was still able to enjoy sitting outside in the early evening for a short time. I also had to schedule in dog walking so some lovely times on Dalbeag and Dalmore beaches with the dog. For the first time I noticed signs asking people to keep there dogs on a leash near livestock and I think there has been a problem with unsupervised dogs. I welcome dogs to the house but would ask all visitors to ensure they are properly under control in this fragile crofting area. The ground around the house is enclosed and I spend some time checking areas where dogs could get under the fence. I'll keep improving this.

My other project is starting to develop a garden. I have tried this unsuccessfully previously but I am defeated by the fact that I am not there enough in winter, However, I have now planted some sturdy and resilient bushes so will continue with this next year and look forward to developing some  sheltered areas.  

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