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A very warm welcome to our Blog / News section.
This is where we will be posting general news and events that are happening around our holiday let 27 Garenin. Places to go, things to see and perhaps the occasional general gossip:) Drop us a line if you think there is anything we might wish to add.

If you are staying at 27 Garenin or just visiting our wonderful Isle of Lewis, we hope have a lovely stay.

New bathroom planned


 Despite arriving in bad weather we found the house warm and comfortable and easy to heat up. We have not been busy in November  due to an unavoidable cancellation by one of our regulars so it is good to know that the house is very habitable in winter. We particularly enjoyed relaxing in the evenings in front of the open fire. 

 Our big project for next season is a completely new bathroom. Lots of trips to Stornoway to choose all the items  and arrange for the installation in February.We will take lots of photographs then but we were too busy with repairs and upgrading to take any this time.

The last morning was very still and calm leading to us arriving at the ferry and realising we had forgotten to turn off the water. Aaah.…. mad dash back to Garenin to turn it off just making the ferry. 

Our old garage, which we spend hours maintaining needed re-felting. This is a labour of love as we do now have the new shed.

So back up after Christmas to finish our bathroom project. 

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